A crash course in the culture that gave us that incredible footage of your Mum and Dad gurning their faces off in a Doncaster warehouse.

Josh Baines

As you probably know by now, everyone’s favourite motormouth BBQ expert and occasional big-room DJ, Seth Troxler, is taking over London’s Tobacco Docks next month for a one day extravaganza, where he’s going to be joined by the likes of the Martinez Brothers, Skream, Jackmaster, Marshall Jefferson, and DJ Harvey, to celebrate acid house.

You’ll probably also know by now that the acid house we know and love probably wouldn’t exist without the pioneering efforts of a few plucky English boys who zipped over to Ibiza one summer, discovered ecstasy, and changed the face of popular culture forever. Amongst them was one Danny Rampling. Rampling would be the first to acknowledge that acid’s signature sound — detuned and rewired Roland 303 squelches and rumbles, running wild on traditional 4/4 house rhythms — self-generated in Chicago. But the culture that consumed it, a culture that gave us the massive illegal raves of yore, that gave us those endless reels of incredible footage of your Mum and Dad gurning their faces off in Doncaster warehouses to DJ Pierre cuts, was cultivated in a sweaty gym in Southwark by Danny and his then partner Jenni. Their Shoom parties became stuff of legend.

Rampling was a dominant force in the club scene and UK radio throughout the late 90s, before retiring briefly from DJing in 2005. After a few years away from the Allen and Heath, he picked his headphones up again and has been DJing ever since.

To get us in the mood for Seth’s all-dayer, Danny’s kindly given us an expertly delivered history lesson in the abrasive joys of good old fashioned acid house.

1. LB Bad – New Age of Faith
2. Rhythm Masters – 20 Year Cycle
3. Toddla T Sound – Acid
4. Seth Troxler – Love Song
5. Hercules – Seven Ways to Jack (Ashley Beedle Mix)
6. David Morales – Acieed 2015
7. DJ Pierre – The Underground
8. Hardfloor – Aceperience
9. Danny Rampling and MYNC – Strobe Light
10. Detroit Grand Pubahs – Acid Dreams
11. Promo – Distane
12. We Are Phuture – We Are Phuture
13. Phuture – Acid Trax
14. DJ Pierre – Acid Trax (Green Velvet Mix)
15. DJ Sneak – Breakdown Acid

Seth Troxler’s Acid Future party takes place on 8th August. Head here for tickets and more information.

SOURCE: https://thump.vice.com/en_uk/article/bma3w5/this-danny-rampling-mix-is-the-sound-of-acid-house-past-present-and-future