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From: DJ Ben E Freeze

Dear DJ Friend,

No doubt you’ve probably been scouring the internet for DJ tips and tutorials. You’ve probably even read a few books on how to DJ but there is one BIG FLAW with learning the art of DJing from text.

There is a tremendous learning curve that goes along with it. If you are a beginner to DJing then the concepts you read are foreign to you which in turn takes you ten times longer to master.

On my main web site I’m known for giving away tons of free information on DJ skills and techniques, equipment, tips, reviews and how to make money among other juicy morsels.

In the next few paragraph’s you’re about to discover the same secrets to developing DJ skills and techniques that I and other well known DJ’s have known for years without the hefty learning curve and the frustration of applying concepts that are difficult to understand let alone master….

However, before you read anything else make sure you can answer yes to at least one of these statements:

  • You have a very strong desire to develop your own style as a DJ.
  • You’ve almost giving up in your DJing and seem to be going nowhere.
  • You’re a total beginner and want to learn how to DJ right way instead of wasting time and energy on DJ skills and techniques that to hard to grasp.
  • You need help learning specific techniques and the other online tips just don’t cut it.
  • You know what it sounds like in your head but don’t know how to recreate it in practice.
  • You’re wasting countless number of hours surfing the net for someone to give you direct instructions that’s easy to understand and simply to apply.

I’ve got you covered! You will be able to eradicate all of these issues once and for all if you learn to apply simple variations of the same DJ skills and techniques. If you said “yeah that’s me” to one of the above statements then I encourage you to read the rest of this site and you will see how easy DJing can really be — MY WORD IS BOND!


How To DJ Today!

The future is now—thanks to the latest technologies you no longer need to spend thousands of dollars on equipment and years on learning how to beat-match and mix.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself in the club, “…if only I could give the DJ my iPod playlist, this party would totally rock!” then prepare to be blown away!

This technique, created and taught by a veteran New York City DJ, shows you the absolute fastest path to djing like a pro with your existing mp3 collection—no records to buy or cd’s to burn. In fact, he made it so easy that in the end he asked to remain anonymous just so that the word doesn’t spread about how easy his job has become.

Learn the actual tools and techniques that real DJs use!

We use the revolutionary Traktor Pro 2 professional DJ software (mac / pc) to teach you the essential techniques that every pro DJ knows so you can start DJing in a matter of hours!

In just 7 videos you cover everything from preparing your music all the way through knowing how and when to mix. read more »
Learn the actual tools and techniques that real DJs use!

We use the revolutionary Traktor Pro 2 professional DJ software (mac / pc) to teach you the essential techniques that every pro DJ knows so you can start DJing in a matter of hours!

In just 7 videos you cover everything from preparing your music all the way through knowing how and when to mix.

DJ with your existing mp3 collection—no records to buy or CDs to burn!





How to DJ Fast – Pro DJ Mixing:
Quick & Easy

If you’re ready to quickly take your mixing to the next level so you can rock it out to huge crowds and live the “DJ life” that you desire… I have some very exciting news for you…

I’ve just put the finishing touches on a brand new program designed to quickly give you the beatmatching, mixing and advanced mixing skills that you need to get huge gigs and become an awesome DJ, far more popular than any other DJ in your city.

My new program is called, “Pro DJ Mixing: Quick & Easy“.

In it, I’m going to share techniques that took me YEARS to discover… and I put it all into simple language and a series of steps.

The program is broken up into 18 chapters that total close to 3 hours of Full HD coaching. I filmed it in one of the nightclubs that I play at every week…

Each of the sections will give you instruction, examples and practices. So you can practice at home as if I was right there
coaching you 1 on 1!

What You’re Going To Learn…

Here are a few of the many exciting things you’ll learn in this program:

  • How to go from being a beginner DJ that has never touched decks in his life, to being able to beatmatch and mix FLAWLESSLY within a few short weeks… so you can tell your friends and everyone you know that you are a DJ
  • The single most effective way to get your mixes tight so promoters and other DJs will be BEGGING you to play their parties
    A proven, step-by-step plan to get you to STOP struggling with Beatmatching and to get you mixing in the fastest amount of time humanly possible
  • The #1 reason why most new DJs STRUGGLE even after practicing every day for months (If you aren’t yet getting your mixes consistently tight, there is a good chance that you are making this mistake…. And it’s CRUCIAL that you learn what it is and how to fix it)
  • An ARSENAL of easy dj mixes to rock a dancefloor in any given situation so you are always ready to impress girls, friends and dance floors full of screaming fans
  • How to use every type of DJ Gear on the market so you can mix confidently no matter what DJ equipment you’re faced when playing gigs
  • Superstar DJ mixing tricks that are not only easy to perform but also BLOW AWAY any crowd you are playing for.
  • Scratching skills so you can scratch while you mix and WOW any dance floor… People freak out over scratching
  • How to impress people with your skills at any type of party: house parties, rave, lounges, night clubs, super clubs, festivals, weddings, birthdays, corporate party’s or anything else you want to play!
  • How to mix your FAVORITE tracks so that they blend perfectly together to create a beautiful new song (the rush you are going to get when this happens is AMAZING)
  • The easiest way to mix a CD so you can show your friends how good you are land some gigs.
  • Typical scenarios to watch out for involving women, drinks and small DJ booths.
  • How to play any genre or sub-genre of electronic music so you can be a versatile Dj and get more gigs.
  • How to deal with all of the friends and girls you’re going to have coming up to talk to you in the booth while you are trying to mix.
  • The crucial and often overlooked differences between mixing at home and mixing at a party that will save you from DISASTER (there are a lot more than you think…)
  • And much, much more…

I estimate that you will finish this program with better DJ skills than 98% of the DJs in your city.

These are the type of skills that will get you BIG DJ gigs!

DJ Mixing

Everything You Need to Know
About DJ’ing & Success

Fastrack Your Way to Success in Any Walk of Life: Tried & Tested Tips from the Top –

Dear Friend,

My name is Danny Rampling.

  • Do you aspire to be a great DJ?

  • Would you like to be successful in any walk of life?
  • Do you want to fastback your DJ career to the top?
  • Do you dream of becoming a professional successful DJ?
  • Do you want to know more?

Through 20 years of my experience as a leading international DJ, I will share with YOU my DJ and music business secrets that will help you become more successful with your music and career.

Learn How To DJ, Properly –

Wouldn’t you like to fast track your skills and learn to play like a pro in weeks rather than years?

I’ll give you the skills and secrets you need to:

  • Learn how to mix records from scratch

  • Gain Technical Ability

  • Perfect your Dj’ingConfidently use advanced DJ’ ing techniques

  • Get booked time and time again
  • Unlike other DJ’ ing guides I’ll also show you how to become a great DJ and play at your best every time you play out.
  • I’ll help you network with people in the music industry and get booked to play in the best clubs in the world.
  • I’ll take your DJ’ing from your bedroom to the international club scene.
  • I’ll show you the secrets to rocking a dancefloor

Wouldn’t you like to be the
next Premier League DJ

If not, wouldn’t you like to
be the best on your underground circuit?




PRO DJ Mixing: Quick & Easy

Could It Really Be This EASY To Go From A Total Beginner DJ To Beatmatching & Mixing Like A Pro …Impressing Your Friends, Girls, And Dance Floors FULL Of Screaming Fans …Within 2 Weeks?

The Answer is “YES”… And If YOU Want To Avoid Struggling To Beatmatch & Mix… Like 98% Of New DJs That Teach Themselves And Never Become “The Cool DJ”… And Experience The Incredible Rush Of Dropping A Mix And Having A Huge Dancefloor Full Of People ERUPT… Then This Will Be The Most Important Letter You’ll Ever Read…

Dear Dj Friend,

I have some questions for you:

Do you get nervous when you think of playing in front of friends, family or dance floors full of people because you know your beatmatching and mixing isn’t as tight as it could be? Do you get frustrated because beatmatching and mixing are taking forever to learn? Have you ever felt that your dream of rocking big crowds, making tons of friends, and having HOT girls instantly attracted to you is far, far away? Have you ever felt like giving up with Beatmatching or Mixing? Do you ever get mad at yourself because you can’t get your beats matched every time? If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then I have some important news for you…

You’re NOT alone.

That list of questions was created from my own personal experience when I started out as a DJ and also from talking with hundreds of new DJs about the problems they face with their DJing.

The Truth Is That It’s Not Your Fault.

There are simple practices and systems out there that can get you DJing within a few days or a few weeks, but the top DJs, and record labels don’t want you to know about them…

When I started out, over 9 years ago, I struggled to get mixing…

I was dead broke but I really wanted to meet beautiful girls, make a lot of friends and a lot of money, play for big crowds and be known as “the DJ”.

I was unable to beatmatch consistently despite learning on YouTube and practicing every day. I felt the money I had spent on gear was a waste and I was close to giving up.

DJ lessons were $100 for a half an hour. I couldn’t afford it so I borrowed the money on my Mom’s credit card… I had to beg her for it because she didn’t want me DJing…I couldn’t afford enough lessons… so I just kept practicing for another 9 months and finally ended up getting beatmatching and mixing.



Music Production

Sonic Producer

Sonic Producer is an online sequencer for making your own music. It can be easily programmed to make more than 2200 pre-programmed sound mixes for a variety of unique sound creations. The sounds are from a wide variety, including drums, piano, Spanish guitar, etc.

Here are the amazing things you can do:

  • Produce high quality music and beats with thousands of sounds and export your own mp3 mixes.
  • Learn quickly from our own extensive tutorials.
  • Learn How to use the different instruments easily

The Sonic Producer Members Area

The members area is where you will find the core sequencer and all our step by step tutorials. Here you can interact with other like-minded individuals and get feedback and help on yours and others beats, instruments and mixes. Be a part of the fastest growing online community today.

Music Learning

Learn To Read Music Like A Pro!

Spending Only 10 To 15 Minutes A Day,
in Under A Year.

Yes, It Normally Takes Four To Eight Years To Learn To Play Music Like A Pro. But You Can Learn Most Everything They Know and More, in Less Than 1/4 the Time.

Learn Music Principles in Record Time.

Even if You’ve Never Taken a Single Music Lesson in Your Life.

100% Guaranteed

Beat Making Secrets

Earn $5,000 – $10,000 a month
making and selling beats!

Discover The Secrets to Earning Thousands of Dollars a Month, Creating and Selling Beats, Using The Same Proven Techniques to Catapult YOU to Instant Money and Fame That The Industry ‘Gurus’ Don’t Want You to Learn!



Mix With Us

“You CAN Create Good Mixes In Your Home Studio”

And it’s NOT about “secret ninja mixing tricks” or some “magic formula”



If you’re going to improve your mixes, you need to start mixing…a LOT. With every mix you finish, you’ll get a little bit better. Mix whatever you can get your hands on.

As a MixWithUs member, I’ll provide you with lots of multi-track audio files, so you can dive in and get your hands dirty mixing song after song.


Practicing by itself isn’t enough for a lot of people. You may not know where to start. You might get stuck along the way. You want to know how someone else would mix that song.

As a MixWithUs member, I will guide you through how I mixed each of the songs, so you can see exactly what I did to achieve the sound I was going for. (All through the members-only downloadable videos.)


Whether you’re mixing for practice, for yourself, or for a client, feedback is crucial.

As a MixWithUs member, you will be able to post your mixes within the members area and get valuable feedback from both myself and the other members. This is by far the favorite feature of MixWithUs among current members.

Ready to Join?

Singorama – Guide to Music Writing

Dear Aspiring Songwriter,

If you’ve ever tried writing your own songs, then there are probably critical mistakes that you are making, without even knowing it!

The great news is that I’m here to help.

You see, songwriting is a craft, and while some people begin with better natural talent than others, it’ll only get you so far. But you’ll maximize your chances of success by mastering the set of core songwriting skills that I’m going to teach you.

A song is a catalyst for all sorts of emotions: love, rage, regret, grief, happiness, contentment, nostalgia. Songs encompass the entirety of life’s experiences – the joy of personal love, heartbreak at losing it, social outrage, loneliness, patriotism, comradeship, happiness, despair.

A good song not only expresses the thoughts and opinions of the songwriter about the subject matter of the song, but also evokes the full spectrum of associated emotions in the listener.

Listening to music is a visceral and intensely emotional experience for us all. A song epitomizes the most intense experiences that life has to offer us in just a few minutes of listening time. It both simplifies and intensifies the experience for the listener.

Songwriting is an intensely creative process. Some people wrongly associate creativity with sloppiness – they think that there’s a certain mystical, indefinable, almost magical aspect to the creative process; that to confine the muse within the limits of organization would be to kill her off.

This is nonsense! Just because songwriting is creative is not to say that there’s no structure or discipline to it. In fact, songwriting is an exercise in orderliness, preparation, skill, and knowledge.

Although you can technically just sit down and write a song with no knowledge of the process and no real forethought , 95% of the time the end result will be nothing but gibberish. It might be musical gibberish, but gibberish nonetheless.

It’s a rare gift to conjure up people’s deepest, most profound emotions – to be able to make people sing, dance, cry, and smile in pleasure – and yet this is the power of a song.

  • If you’ve ever dreamed of writing a song, but stopped because you’ve never written a song in your life before, and can’t shake the feeling that it justmight be something you’d be good at – then this book is for you.
  • If you’ve ever tried your hand at songwriting before, and nothing’s turned out the way you hoped – then this book is for you.
  • If you’ve ever written songs that you’re happy with, but can’t expand your creative horizons – then this book is for you.
  • If you’re ever found yourself stuck in the arid desert of writer’s block, then this book is for you. If you’re a prolific songwriter with racks of demo tapes and a thirst for marketing knowledge, then this book is for you, too!

This book is for everyone who wants to learn more about the art of songwriting.

I’ve written this book to cater for all levels of experience: for people who know absolutely nothing about songwriting, but also for those who want more details about the craft and the industry too.

This book is not aiming to teach you everything there is to know about songwriting, because that would be impossible. A great deal of what makes somebody good at this business is experience: you can read everything in the world about the technicalities of how to write a good song, but you won’t really understand it until you get out there and do it for yourself.

I’ve written this book with the intention of giving you a boost into the world of songwriting through instructing you in the major aspects of the industry. So I’ve tried to include real meat-and-potatoes stuff (like how to actually write the songs, and where to get inspiration from) as well as the more technical, insider’s tips like how to market yourself successfully, where to turn for more information, and who you need to know in the music industry.

When I decided to write a book on songwriting, it was purely because I’m sick of all the encyclopedia-style textbooks on the subject. Personally speaking, I don’t think it really gels with the industry or with what you’re trying to do. I think that songwriting is more about having fun than memorizing detailed instructions and following them to the letter – and it’s definitely not about wading through weighty tomes of cross-referenced, super-detailed information.

Like any new skill, songwriting takes practice. I’m not saying that polishing yourself up to professional standards isn’t going to take some effort. And without trying to put you off or anything, I’ve gotta say that it’ll maybe take a bit more practice than you realize right now.

Don’t read too much into this – I don’t want to scare you off. I’m just trying to remind you to keep your expectations reasonable.

Although it’s not totally outside the bounds of reality to expect to be able to read a few sections of this book and then get signed by a major label off your first song, just bear in mind that anything worth having (like a successful career in songwriting) generally takes some work.

It would probably be more realistic to look at this way: that, if this is something you’re serious about being successful at, it’s going to take some hard work and – above all – some persistence before you start seeing the kind of results that will satisfy you on a personal level, get your career in songwriting moving right along, and bring in some serious cash.

All of these things are totally achievable and
if you want to be a songwriter,
then you’re at the right place.


Podcasting Radio


Podcast Like A Pro Radio DJ

Tap Into Fresh New Traffic From ‘Outside The System’ And Enjoy Personal Prestige Using Powerful Podcasting Techniques

New Masterclass By Celebrity DJ Elevates You From Me-Too Blogger To ‘Top-Of-Mind’ Awareness In Your Niche, Commands Attention And Response!


How To Present For TV, Radio and Business

Download the NEW 229 page E-book to discover the secrets of enchanting your natural personality and communication skills
to become a presenter or reporter on TV or radio
get ahead in business too.




New Music Economy –
The Music Marketing System

New Music Business System Revea

“How You Can Build An Army Of Fans That Are Begging To Buy Your Music, Helping You Quit The Rat Race To Share Your Music With The World”

Today is the day you decide what type of musician you are going to be.

Are you going to continue to be the musician that pours heart, sweat and tears into creating an album that no one hears?

Or are you going to take control of your music career and begin to make real money in the music business, creating great music and sharing it with fans that

are ready and willing to spend their paychecks on products they are eagerly anticipating from YOU!

In Short, Are You Ready To Join The New Music Economy?

Record Label Business Plan

Record Label Business Plan

How To Start And Run Your Own Successful Record Label The Right Way!

Want To Start A Record Label?

If you are looking to start a Record Label, In order to operate a SERIOUS Music Business, you will NEED a document that summarizes the operational and financial objectives of your business, and also one that contains the detailed plans and budgets showing how your objectiv

es are to be realized!

In plain English, it is extremely important that you possess a well written Business Plan that shows not only you, but also potential funding sources that you have carefully thought out how you plan to operate in order to make your Music Business venture A SOLID SUCCESS!!

Ready To Get Started?


Everything You Need To Start Your Own Digital Label

Everything You Need To Start Your Own Digital Label!

Ever thought of having your own digital label?

If so, you couldn’t have picked a better time!

In the days of the old physical labels, you would have needed at least a hundred thousand dollars, just to get started! Now, all you need is a computer, and you can be up and running in a matter of hours!

Did you know that by 2014 digital sales will be up to $17 billion, doubling from $8.1 billion in 2009? It’s estimated that physical sales will drop to $10.9 billion by 2014, a decline of 66% from 2005!

This really is one of the most effective, and yet simplest of guides to follow. You’ll even be shown how to do deals with recording artists, even competing record labels, plus distributers both domestically and those in other countries.

This guide will also give you an amazing insight into the music industry world with producers, production companies and artist management, revealing percentages and commissions, as well as sub licensing your recordings and music publishing, globally. Yes, that’s right. This book also introduces you to the wonderful and exciting world of music publishing! This means, that you can build your own song publishing catalogues at the same time – in harmony with your recordings, so that when you’re sub licensing your recordings – you can also sub publish as well!


How To Become A Booking Agent

Learn How To Become A Booking Agent

Here’s Your Easy To Follow, Step-by-Step Guide – Showing You Exactly How To Start A Profitable Career As A Booking Agent In A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry That Grows Every Year.

There are two types of people who start companies; those who like risks and those who don’t. You can’t grow without taking risks.

Here’s a comforting thought. Regardless of the state of the economy, people always want to be entertained. So, there’s always work to be done and money to be made.

If you ever wanted to enter into the lucrative booking agent business but just needed the right information to get started, or, if you’ve tried but failed, just follow this step by step system and you’ll be well on your way to personal and financial freedom.

This book could change your life.


How to Become a Concert Promoter

Everyday Concert Promoters are making huge sums of money booking shows and you can too.

Top promoters are looked upon as celebrities in this business and some of them started with nothing but a dream.

If you ever wanted to enter into this lucrative career but just needed the right information to get started, this easy to follow system will show you everything you need to become a concert promoter in just a few days.

This is the most complete concert
promoter manual available today!

Danny Rampling (c) 2012