MM: How much influence has David Morales had on you then over the years?

DR: From very early on, from the Red Zone days and being in New York with Frankie, first gig I played with David was in Heaven back in ‘88, when Black Box ‘Ride on Time’ came out, that was the first record he opened up with. He wasn’t very approachable at that time, but we formed a friendship over the years and became very good friends I spoke more to his manager Judy Weinstein that night and that is where we first met in the DJ booth at Heaven nightclub London. The same with Frankie Knuckles, I met him at the World Club in New York where he was a resident in ‘88. Judy Weinstein introduced me to them both. David has been very influential and I love the whole Def mix percussive sound, we all came from a similar background in soul, funk and disco music.

MM: What do you find most rewarding about working with him?

DR: It is the sheer professionalism and the style, the way he mixes and his attitude, just the presence that he brings and attention to the detail of sound quality and the New York heritage. Such strong heritage, just look at the contributions to house music. We always have a good laugh, talking music and just life in general as friends do.

MM: This year then, that’s 30 years of Acid House, how are you going to celebrate that with Paul, Nicki, and Johnny?

DR: There will some things happening for sure there are some exciting things on the horizon and a major milestone of club culture 1988 -2018 is the 30th anniversary of the summer of love which will be something special.

Live Interview, Design, Editing – Mike Mannix

Transcription – Dax Malone