UK House talent, DJ, producer Danny Rampling was one of the first Superstar DJs and remains a true pioneer and visionary of the global dance scene. Through his legendary Acid House club Shoom in the 1980s and his Radio shows with BBC Radio 1 and Kiss FM, Danny became a catalyst that helped to shape the UK dance scene right from the early days.

Danny Rampling has sold over a million compilation albums and has picked up many awards as well as regularly being on TV documentaries for National Geographic, the BBC, MTV and many others, and all because of his unrivalled for his music knowledge and expertise. As such, he really is a household name. Danny has held legendary and much talked about DJ residences at places in Ibiza such as Pacha, Amnesia, and Privilege, so it is far to say that without his input the musical landscape of the White Isle – and back home in the UK – would be very different. As well as his DJing, Danny has written a best selling book ’’ Everything You Need To Know About DJing & Success’ and runs his own Music Consultancy which is a go to firm when people need film soundtracks and fashion show music.He still turns out many compilations too, and they come under the name Rampling Digital through Mastermix. Danny is also married to an American, Ilona Rampling, who herself has been a DJ for years and has a large fan base around the world. Together the pair DJ as Mr + Mrs Rampling and get booked for massively high profile events such as Formula 1 around the world, plus many celebrity private parties. Ever since getting the nod as the Number 1 DJ in DJ Mag’s first ever and still famous Top 100 Poll, Danny has continue to be at the forefront of the global scene.2017 Danny has been appointed as a member of the Mayor of London music committee as a voluntary consultant and featured in the Sky TV documentary The Agony & the Ecstasy Spanning 30 years, this eye-opening three-part documentary series which explores the history of rave culture and dance music in the UK.2018 a new TV film series, penned by Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh, will tell the story of the birth of acid house and rave. Danny Rampling will be consulting music for the production.

Working title Ibiza87, also written by award-winning screenwriter Dean Cavanagh, is loosely based around Nicky Holloway, Paul Oakenfold and Danny Rampling. It will chronicle the beginnings of the rave movement, from the trio’s fateful Ibiza trip in 1987 to the second summers of love 88-89.December 2017 his pioneering club Shoom will be celebrating the 30th anniversary with a special monumental event in London.





“Fucking hell mate, it’s been years!” a man in baggy dungarees fastened only on one side, yellow T-shirt and furry Kangol bucket hat roars as he embraces an old friend. Variants of this conversation play out countless times throughout the night. It’s 30 years since the launch of Danny Rampling’s seminal club night, Shoom. Tonight’s celebration, held at Pulse/Bankside Vaults on London’s South Bank, was the closest thing you’ll ever get to going back to the late 80s in a time capsule: Women in large Umbro sweatshirts gyrate with men in Reebok Classics and fur-hooded green parkas. The crowd twists, turns and bobs to the 4/4 beats, thumping bassline and squelchy acid synths that consume the electric atmosphere.


Danny Rampling: ‘Primal Scream are one of the best British bands of all time’
The acid house pioneer shares the contents of his psychic record bag
Shoom … Danny Rampling.
The track I’ll be opening my next DJ set with 

Leftfield: Open Up (Skream Remix)



Danny Rampling: “We knew after the first night that this was something special”

We met with Danny Rampling to discuss the birth of Acid House and his famous Shoom parties, THAT trip to Ibiza, the state of UK clubland and what clubbers can expect from the 30th anniversary of Shoom
30 YEARS ago four friends went on holiday to Ibiza. When they returned to the UK their lives had changed forever. Danny Rampling, Paul Oakenfold, Nicky Holloway and Johnny Walker went on to pioneer arguably the biggest youth culture movement in history, the reverberations of which are still felt today worldwide and dance music and club culture is a multi billion dollar industry.


Shoom: An Oral History of the London Club That Kicked Off Rave Culture

Danny Rampling and fellow DJs look back on how their 1987 Ibiza trip helped jumpstart a British dance-music revolution

In September 1987, four London club and pirate-radio DJs – Nicky Holloway, Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling and Johnny Walker – spent a week on the Balearic island of Ibiza, a place where, legend had it, as journalist Chris Heath wrote in 1990, “it was even possible to get drugs on room service.” The British quartet was visiting Trevor Fung and Ian St. Paul, with whom Oakenfold had thrown parties. Eventually, the group wound up at Amnesia, a large open-air space run by DJ Alfredo.




The future of clubbing: Shoom 30 will feature VR artwork that responds to your dance moves

In 1987, Danny Rampling went on a now-legendary trip to Ibiza with Paul Oakenfold, Johnny Walker and Nicky Holloway. On their return, inspired by the experience, Danny started Shoom – a club credited with the birth of acid house in the UK. He also notably created its ubiquitous logo, the yellow smiley face that is visually synonymous with the genre. “It’s an iconic symbol that many people warm to, as it evokes childhood memories and represents happiness, joy and fun,” Danny tells It’s Nice That of its origins. “It will always stand the test of time as all strong, positive images do.”




Danny Rampling Talks Shoom 30

Trace the current dance industry back to its roots and there are a few seminal parties throughout the world that were instrumental in providing the catalyst. What started off as a new musical experience in club parties would evolve into a youth movement and later a global industry but, at the heart, it was a group of individuals with a passion for the music, a desire to share that with as many people as possible and a freedom of expression, tolerance and community that came with it. Shoom is one of those parties – Danny Rampling’s reaction to a holiday in Ibiza in 1987 that became one of the most important club gatherings of all time and was instrumental in sparking that lifestyle revolution.

For many that were there at the time, it’s hard to believe that 30-years have passed and, while Danny and Shoom have no desire to live in the past, Shoom 30 will offer a celebration of that authentic vibe, some of the tunes that defined the dancefloor from the DJs that played them, as well as a nod to the present and future with up-to-date tunes and some of the hottest emerging talent. Shoom celebrated its 25th anniversary five years ago, and if the turn out for that is anything to go by, expect yet another roadblock for this fabled club name as it takes over Bankside Vaults on Friday December 8 as Danny Rampling welcomes Tony Humphries, Pete Heller, Terry Farley and more to the booth. We caught up with Danny as he prepares for the latest edition of his life-changing party… READ MORE.. 

Danny Rampling – Exclusive – Interview

Danny Rampling is an English house music DJ widely credited as one of the original founders of the UK’s dance music scene and was the first winner of the No 1 DJ in the World Award by DJ Magazine in 1991, he has reportedly sold over 1 million compilation albums, iconic underground got to sit down with this icon of the industry to get it first hand…




Irvine Welsh to co-write new TV series about acid house

The author of ‘Trainspotting’ will help tell the story of the origins of UK rave culture in the new project

Irvine Welsh is set to co-write a new TV series about acid house and rave culture, entitled Ibiza87.

The Leith-born author of Trainspotting will take on the new project, which seeks to tell the story of the culture that sprung up around the house music subgenre in the UK in the late 1980s.


Danny Rampling Interview: The Relevant

These are fickle times, filled with short-lived success stories, rapid rises and even quicker falls. But then maybe that’s always been the case.

The idea of a one hit wonder is nothing new, after all, and wasn’t invented in the modern era of pop, rock, and electronica. Or even recorded music. Classical sheets are filled with references to fly by night composers who made an impact in their day, only to fade into obscurity the following morning. Give or take a few years perhaps. READ MORE… 

The birth of rave

 In late August 1987, four London music heads boarded a plane for a week-long holiday in Ibiza. There they discovered a little-known club called Amnesia and a DJ called Alfredo and instead of coming back with a few out-of-focus snaps, Paul Oakenfold, Johnny Walker, Danny Rampling and Nicky Holloway returned home exhausted but burning with a missionary zeal.


This Danny Rampling Mix is the Sound of Acid House, Past, Present, and Future

As you probably know by now, everyone’s favourite motormouth BBQ expert and occasional big-room DJ, Seth Troxler, is taking over London’s Tobacco Docks next month for a one day extravaganza, where he’s going to be joined by the likes of the Martinez Brothers, Skream, Jackmaster, Marshall Jefferson, and DJ Harvey, to celebrate acid house.





“Acid house wasn’t a British term to describe the music. Initially, the American producers coined the term and created the music. We embraced the music in the UK and shaped a movement. However, the UK tabloid press believed acid house music to be the work of the devil by sensationalising the biggest thing since punk rock.




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